Baby Quilts & Cuddle Blankets

Cuddle Blanket

Approximate size:  20" x 25"

Theme flannel on front, solid fleece on back. 

$15.00 or 2 for $25.00 plus shipping

Many combinations available to custom order.

Great for Shower gifts!

Great for Shower gifts!

Baby Quilts

Approximate size is 34" x 40"

Flannel themed front and fleece back with batting and quilted design.

See above for fabric choices or we can custom design your Baby Quilt!

$25.00 plus shipping

Warm and thick padded for floor play and travel.

Quilted Throws

Michigan State University Quilted Fleece

Approximate size:  50" x 70"

Spartan fleece front, solid color fleece back quilted with batting and fleece binding.

$70.00 plus shipping

Home Divided Collegiate Quilt

Approximate size:  50" x 70"

Spartan fleece on front and Wolverine fleece back, quilted with batting and fleece binding.

$75.00 plus shipping

Custom Michigan State University Quilted Comforters

An example may be:

Approximate size:  Twin (64" x  86")

Spartan cotton fabric front and Spartan flannel back.  Quilted with batting and bound.

$165.00 plus shipping

Other sizes available for your custom project

Detroit Lions / Tigers

Approximate size:  50" x 70"

Theme fabric on front solid fleece on back or Lions on front and Tigers on back, your choice.

$75.00 plus shipping

Custom T - Shirt Quilts

Custom Sizes

Any size, any theme, custom quilted using our Gammill Statler Stitcher for your special project.

Starting at $300.00

Ask us to quote your project.  Quick turn-around time!

Custom Themes

Send us your t - shirts UNCUT in your favorite theme.

Custom layout

Choose to have your t - shirts sashed or not, bordered or not.